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During 2020 campaign at the price of 4990 euros.

This is the complete level of Millennium X, with all the active options.

Premium was developed with a designer professional collaboration of the embroidery world. It allows for the use all tools and advanced functions to create complex embroideries. In contrast with PROFFESIONAL level it includes a Palm Stitch to create variate density fillings, a W-Stitch to manage the stitch repetition until 21 times in sewing and in other works,with an option to alternate the stitches and distance them from each other, monochromatic and color Photo embroidery for an automatic embroidery creation starting from a photo or portraits, 3D effects to create 3D effects applicable to areas with punched fillings Automatic sequin deposit, normal and twin, on area, line and written; the tool allows to deposit overlapping sequins, manages the different forms, dimensions and eccentric sequins also; permits the different fixing types, predefined and personalized.



This level does available also different functions to support the operators that must to integrate the embroidery, laser and graphic: Node hooking to follow the traced curves, Stitch outline and Curve stitches to transform the stitches or stitches groups in vectoral curves for a laser cutting, Auto laser lettering and Auto laser applique, 2 exclusive tools of Millennium X (available also in Focuscut X) for an automatic design creation of cutting by the our laser machines; allows to create automatically, easily starting from the one written or any form type, cut vectors also with a multiphase works (sequence repetition the embroidery-cutting with different types of “Name Drop”, useful function that allows to generate automatically the embroidery containing one or more texts, replacing in every execution or after the defined execution number, these texts in an user defined function.